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Privacy Policy

When becoming a member of Skates Skateboards Scooters we recognize that you will be trusting us with your email address and possibly other private information.

We very much value our relationship with you and will do our utmost to honor that trust.
Your email or other details will never be sold or hired out or given away to other companies or individuals.

If you enter into a transaction with another company aftrer following a link from our website, they may collect information - but that is not detected or stored by Skates Skateboards Scooters.

By a "transaction" we mean that when you make a purchase or sign up for a free service from a third party or partner that may advertise on our site, they will need to be able to communicate with you in order to supply the service or product. In addition any payments that you make to third parties will usually enable them to contact you. These occurances are outside our control and they are part of your transactions with those whom you wish to do bussiness with.

It is clear to all that unwanted emails collectively are wasting millions of hours of valuable productive time and we at Skates Skateboards Scooters want to play our part in reducing this problem.

Should you at any time suspect that someone has been able to contact against your will as a result of your usage of the Skates Skateboards Scooters website, please contact admin and we will invest the matter thoroughly on your behalf.

Please use the Contact Page for contacting us as this is monitored closely.